Entry #5

“But in fact, Gey’s history indicates that he wasn’t particularly interested in science for
profit: in the early 1940s he’d turned down a request to create and run the first commercial
cell-culture lab.” pg.193

The phrase “science for profit” really stands out to me. Science has the connotation for being for humanity, for the good of everyone, information that belongs to the public and that benefits us all. It is really interesting to think that even science is driven by an economic incentive. As the book says, Gey, the doctor who first took Henrietta’s cells was truly interested in science for humanity’s sake – and it was not he who commercialized them. There is then, no direct link between Henrietta and her profiteers. Through this analysis I have come to realiza that there really is no one to blame for the unfortunate events that Henrietta’s family had to endure, but the fault of the general population and the system. Things like this happen when there are no regulations in place. It is sad to think about the Lacks’s experiences, but it seems to me that like her mother, who suffered for the good of many, they too suffered and after them came more regulations.

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