Entry 5 (People I want to be closer to.)

I’m already close with Audrey and Alanna, but I would love it even more if we were closer. I call Audrey my cousin, but she’s not related to me by blood. Only by marriage. Her grandmother married my uncle, and that’s how she became part of the family. Audrey is a freshman in high school and so is her friend Alanna. I met Alanna when Audrey brought her along to Newton. That was about two years ago now. I love both of these girls very much and I’d like for us to be closer. They live in Magnolia, so that’s about two hours away from me. We rarely have a chance to get together and hang out, so when we do we make the most of our time. Audrey and Alanna are both hilarious. I always look forward to seeing their spam posts on Instagram because they say the funniest things and their photos are priceless. It’s as close as I can get to them until I see them on the 12th, which is next weekend! I especially look forward to seeing them in person, of course. I love making memories with them. I just hope they think as highly of me as I think of them.

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