Haunted – The Ryan Chronicles I Preface

I can’t believe I am writing this. Three years later. Where so long ago in a faraway place I left the swirling galaxy of Ryan and I behind. 

It is with a hope of healing that I tell this tale. A journey over rough waters, that crashed with a devastating force onto the new world I am in today. I have wandered aimlessly through my new world, growing with every step further away from the crash site. 

It was tucked back into a place in my heart that for the past couple years has remained a ghost town. A grey image of a time and place that once was, but no longer a part of this physical realm. I don’t know what it is about right now in my life, but now I can feel faint movements of a ghost in that image. A brief moment of haunting, that is only increasing in frequency as this year progresses. So, I feel as though I must tell our story. 

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