No Actually Does Mean No

Dear Asshole,

First of all, FUCK YOU! Don’t think that I’m ever going to be able to say that enough times. Guys like you really are the scum of the earth and it’s such a shame to me that not everyone sees who you truly are. What I ever saw in our friendship, who the fuck knows. I sure as hell don’t get that sick shit. 

Listen carefully, at your leisure please go for a little hike and find a super fucking splintery tree branch and sit your asshole right down on it. No rush though, karma will fuck you up sooner or later. Oh and as soon as that shit beings to heal why don’t you stick a fucking cactus up there. Thanks!

Why don’t we get into where all this anger came from because I’m pretty fucking sure that you’re way too daft to understand something so obvious. CONSENT! Do I need to say it again?! If someone says no, they actually mean no. They’re not asking for you to yell or grab them or insult them or manipulate the fuck out of them. The fact that even when we were friends, I didn’t feel safe being around you alone when you were drunk or high says a lot about what a fucking asshole you are. 

For the longest fucking time I just put up with it because I just thought it was only me that you were harrassing. I wrote it off as you just have a very flirty personality and just being a touchy guy but fuck that because all your moves were so slimy. Recently I learned that there’s plenty of other girls that you guilt into hooking up with you or corner at parties. It’s fucking sick and despicable. 

At school you put on this whole act about being such a gentleman and that because you have sisters, you would never dream of hurting a girl. Well what the fuck would your sisters say if they saw scared to get in their own car with you because you’re so angry. What happens when that same girl has to pull over because she’s scared that you’re actually going to hit her hard. You should feel sick. I know I do.

The part that upsets me more than anything though is my sister. The fact that she’s genuinely fearful to have you near her is awful. Did you even know that after you texted her when I was out of town looking at colleges, she didn’t feel comfortable having you be at the house or hanging out with my friends. 

Do you remember the night that you grabbed her? You’ll probably once again pretend like you don’t but we all know that you’re a huge fucking liar. You kept pulling her against you from behind and telling her things like “you look so much like my ex. I’m into it.” You then continued to make your way around my house telling people that you were going to fuck her that night. She was clearly NOT into it and pulled away from you but did that stop you one bit. Nope.

Sadly this is just the begining of all the shit that you’ve pulled but don’t worry. This is far from the first letter I’ve ever written you and definitely won’t be the last. Fuck you and I sincerely hope that the girls at your college will find out what an absolute piece of shit you are. Once again FUCK YOU!

Sincerely, someone who is way better off without you

One thought on “No Actually Does Mean No”

  1. File charges on him for harassment, molestation, whatever he did. Guys like him are a scourge and dime a dozen because most of them know we do not wish to testify in court. Meanwhile, we are prolonging the inevitable. Our choosing to not report will likely lead to some other female being victimized by him. Even if it goes nowhere with not enough evidence, etc., when women band together and do our part eventually those reports are going to stack up. Even if he gets off the hook in court, the allegations will stay on his record for background checks and eventually cause him problems, as they should. (I know this from hiring for disabled people.) A conviction is not necessary. Background checks with findings of allegations (charges) of violence, sexual misconduct, theft, etc., will auto exclude the applicant for a position there. Many other places having nothing to do with caregiving are also saying ‘no’ to even a charge of such things. They don’t want the risk.

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