Catching up!

Wow its been a long time since i opened this app. I actually forgot about it. So let me catch you all up on my crazy life… Well i am currently pregnant! Finally just rolled in my second trimester and can finally breath. I am due early Nov. So other then that a lots been going on. Jennifer “Bio MOM” of the girls came and switched the kids schooling to her town late February. In the state of Pa. you only need one parents signature to do anything for the school. which is a bull shit and since there is legally 50/50 custody the judge wont do anything unless we go fight for full custody which is 680.99 with out a lawyer and  finally on our own. We do not have the money to do that at all… But the kids are hanging in there. at this point with Jeremy over the road working 14 days at a time then only home for 2 days i dont see the judge giving him anymore custody then he already has.. Ill try and get back to daily posting 

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  1. Mirandalynne8815, I am curious. Do you know this post is public? If so, can you click on my profile and tell me if mine is too? I made it private so I wanna double check. Huge thanks in advance

    My name is Andreea

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