Day 434 – Bidding on students, server drama & scary family

Thursday, May 4th 2017

Today was fine.

I started with psychology and we were introduced to our project subject. It’s about stereotypes, prejudgments and discrimination.

In French we continued reading Cyrano and did some questions.

At lunch I sat with my close friend. Once a year, to raise money for prom, students go up on stage and people have to bid on them so that they do whatever they say for the day, which usually involves driving them places, doing their homework, etc. It’s pretty weird, but a bit funny too. I really like the idea I got of bidding on a group of several people, making them dress up in suits, wear sunglasses, then make a formation around me in the hallways, so I can get through without having to push people. I can have guards do it for me, and I can send one ahead to warn the students. Also, I could get one or two to escort Kohai safely to lunch if I was eating with her. Though, the bid always go pretty high up. The math teacher we always laugh about being so mechanical, actually ended up winning two girls dressed in Hawaiian costumes at $75. He was bidding against another math/gym teacher, my last semester’s, right next to each other. I have no clue as to why he needs them, but my guess I help teach his math class… Oh geez, my friend also told me about his athleticism class. If I was those girls, I’d be prepared for the worst. Also, there was a girl who basically stripped and did a sexual dance on stage randomly. She was a teammate in my cooking class I didn’t really like. Thankfully, she and clothes underneath. She was also wearing those halloween costume muscle shirts with tattoos on them. It was a bit funny I guess, but she got in trouble so fast and not my humour. It was just the “what the heck is going on” kind of funny to me.

In art I continued the mural, which basically involved just adding more layers to the yellow. My partner worked on two other buildings and we decided on some more colours. There was also a group doing a music video, and the secretary(?) that we are painting for in her office, went to help out next to the piano, right outside her office. She sang for them to test sound, which was funny, since she isn’t a good singer. She knows it herself and well, she’s still better than me anyway, and has the courage to sing.

I finished the day with English. We had a substitute and I read The Necklace short story and answered the questions. Story makes me pretty mad. You won’t go anywhere if you just keep lying.

At home I played Rocket League with the owners for a bit, then discovered one of them was being attacked by a few players. She was given screenshots of people under anonymous names, one of them obviously one we know is who, then proceeded to call her names, insults, and basically girl hitler. She immediately banned him, staying completely calm and polite, despite being attacked, and the other player we couldn’t figure out who it was. After I ate (almost at 7pm, which is much later than usual), played For The King, a game the owners got for me, and watched Doctor Who, we discovered who it was, which was all surprising to us, because the player was so polite and respectful, and us back, then went and insulted the owner behind her back. It’s scary how double faced people can be. Wating to see what happens next.

Also found this scary photo of a woman in my family’s genealogy book. I feel bad saying that, since she’s family, but man…

True definition of horror movie picture right there. I feel bad saying that though. If she was able to find a loving husband, then I’m sure she was a beautiful person personality wise.

That’s all for today.

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  1. Plot twist: That picture is a photo of you when you’re older, but it traveled back in time just so you were able to see it today

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