Crazy day, Crazy week.  Yesterday my drs. nurse called.  Another new script for magnesium, take 6 ibuprophen a day and drink tonic water at bedtime.  This to see if cramping is alleviated.  Okay so I will give it a try.  Starting tomorrow.  So went to chemo today not knowing what will be happening.  Nurse listened to my heart, report not good.   Took a chair in the chemo room and she asked if I  had a cardiologist I wanted to see.  Well no.  What she heard she didn’t like.  Went to get info on cardiologist and another nurse came to listen to my heart and said it was rapid but needed to see my pcp first about all this.  They came and took  even MORE blood for even MORE tests.  My doctor said “do whatever you have to do to get through this.  Meaning the remainder of  this round of chemo and the last round.  My chemo nurse told me that my cough sounds like a Lisinopril cough.  That is pcp department.  What have I learned through all this.  NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  I do know that chemo schedule will be  off for a while.  And next week is Neulasta week again.

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