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With more hours squeezed into single shifts at work, I finally have more days off. I’m so grateful for this. Maintaining a clean house is huge for me. I can not stand messes. You’ve heard of hangry before (people who get angry when they are really hungry)? Well I get that way when it comes to a gross, messy house. The kids do help me clean, but they don’t exactly do it “my” way and they leave me feeling like things are only surface clean.

I also have more free time to give my diet and exercise regiment the attention it requires to lose 15 pesky pounds that I don’t want around my middle. I picked my diet out to be high protein, lo carb, simple ingredients. I know some people would suggest that I go vegan or something, but I can’t.

I have pyrrole disorder. It isn’t that big of a deal when it is managed. It’s a metabolic disorder and the way my body processes hemoglobin is effected. I have a deficits with the following: Iron, Protein, B6, and Zinc. I have higher than normal levels of copper. Right there is the reason why a diet based of only eating plants, fruits, and nuts is not a sustainable way to maintain my health. I’m talking copper. A great number of veggies have a high content of copper than compared to meats. I need to eat food with a high zinc concentration and low copper. The more copper rich foods I eat, the less zinc I have in my system. It is vital that I balance these two nutrients. So foods like kale, beans, and nuts (a vegan’s best friend) are too high in copper for me to depend on as my zinc and protein source. 

Pretty much upon diagnosis, doctors will tell you the following (never give blood because you can’t afford to lose any) and to eat a good amount of red meat. A lot of people with a confirmed dx of pyrrole disorder that follow a vegetarian / vegan diet are more symptomatic due to the fact they have way too much copper and it’s blocking zinc absorption.

So I apologize for my shitty eating habits. I don’t feel guilty for eating steak. I am choosy about where I get my meat from. I know I am leaving a bigger carbon foot print and frankly, that sucks. So while veganism is great and I applaud that – it isn’t for every one. If I went vegan it would be nearly impossible for me to successfully balance all of my nutrient overloads and deficiancies. These days my active list of symptoms is relatively low but it takes a great number of supplements and a targeted diet that includes meat to keep it this way.

At some point when life isn’t so busy and I have the money to spare I’d love to a pay a qualified nutritionist to come up with a meal plan that requires little to no animal product, but balances all the nutrients in a way that will still be beneficial to my body. I have yet to find an app that can handle my nutrient needs and include diet preferences. For to me to eat healthy and go vegan would take lots, and lots of research and planning. 

So anyways I have today off. Snooch is going over a friend’s house for the weekend and so is Hoshi Akari. That means it will be just the boy and I. Should make for a nice quiet weekend. I’m planning on getting at least an hour long workout in for the next 3 days.

Now it’s time for my morning cup of coffee 🙂

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