April Hopping

A whole month has passed by since my last entry .. a busy month and not without it stresses ..

Of course work stress seems to be a given these days .. I never did catch up with myself, to the point I came full circle and decided there was no point stressing about the stress.

Home, usually my calm haven to come back to at the end of the day but my daughter had convinced me to have her boyfriend decorate the bathroom so he could earn some money for their holiday to Florida in a couple of months from now .. the bathroom idea took over the hallway with lotions and potions stacked in the corner amidst decorating gadgets and accessories which sent the dust flying through the rest of the home .. washing my daily stresses down the drain became a feat in itself, standing in the bath trying to hose myself down without even so much as the luxury of a shower curtain just seemed to add to my feelings of vulnerability .. one month later my bathroom is looked good dressed in tiled walls and matching flooring but it is still unfinished ..

With work and home feeling somewhat chaotic, my mind became full of clutter with things to do at work, at home and not forgetting college .. part of my course work involved looking at an abuse case which in itself was emotionally draining to watch and so traumatic it caused a media outrage and governmental policy changes which although interesting to research, overwhelmed the mind causing information overload and a struggle to write coherent sense ..

As a result I told G I wanted a break from my communications with him which he accepted with just an okay .. somehow I wanted something more from him despite my need for a break ..

The end of April came to a standstill .. I had a week off work and a break from home jetting off on my planned city break to Barcelona which I will write about in another entry now I’ve caught up on myself in at least one place via my journal entries.

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