May 6. 2017
7:26 am
   Last night the voices seemed to gain in strength a bit a couple of hours before I turned in for the night. When I did go to bed, a voice was coming through the pillow again. This has just become a regular/nightly tactic now of these harassing entities. But, I did manage to get to sleep rather quickly, which is what counts the most to me. The voices are pretty faint this morning. They are not that much of a disturbance at the moment at all.
  March 6, 2017
6:25 pm
  I was feeling rather beat when I got home from work this afternoon, so I decided to see if I could catch a short nap. I knew that the odds were against me with this, but I was so tired that I tried anyway. Sure enough, as soon as I got into bed, the physical sensations stared up. The harassing voices picked up in intensity as well. Mostly, it was the female voice that I call “Pippy” that I was hearing (as usual).  Things were very tough going at first, but I think that I did manage to get about an hour of sleep.
   When I opened my eyes, I could feel the vibration sensation rather intensely. That was that. I knew that I wasn’t getting back to sleep at that point. So, the battle for sleep continues. These harassing negative spirits that have been oppressing me ever since I experimented with EVP for a brief time, have always focused a lot of their efforts on disrupting my sleep routine. Trying to inflict a state of sleep deprivation on me has always been a main tactic of theirs. I suppose this is when I’m the most vulnerable, so they take advantage of this.
   Back when my oppression situation began, they succeeded in messing with my sleep routine so severely for a two-week period that I was only averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep a night. The physical and mental strain that this inflicted on me was enormous and the situation only improved when I sought a stronger medication for sleeping from a doctor. At that time, the over the counter sleep-aids just weren’t doing the job.
   Things aren’t that bad anymore, but these harassing spirits do still mess with my sleep every day. Some days are better, some days are worse, but they make some effort to disrupt my sleep routine on a daily basis practically. For this reason, I also take a sleep-aid on most nights. I would love not to be so dependent upon this, but I’m just not ready to go without them yet. I have made great progress in training myself to block out these voices and I don’t let what they are saying affect me at all anymore. But, when you’re trying to sleep, all of this becomes far more difficult because you’re looking for peace and quiet and they are looking to deprive you of it.


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