So my first week of college, everything was nice because we were not having real classes yet, we were just meeting the campus and our new friends and stuff. The second week was really bad for me, just because I missed my old city so muchhh, i missed my family, my friends, and the boy that I date, and it was terrible for me to handle that. I ven though about giving up, but i just cant! Its my furute, I cant quite college… This week was better, Ive slept at my friends twice, ive went to a party, and i felt better. But today im my old city my friends will go out, and I got sad because I wish I could go out with they 🙁 I will be back in two weeks, but it feels like its gonna take so longg… Well, but in general Im fine here, just sometimes that I feel alone, but I think its normal, and almost all teens have passed or will pass trhough it…. 🙂

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  1. Nani, I know we never met on gnj yet, but just want to wish u the best in college. I just know that u will make new friends and it will help the sadness of missing your friends and bf back home. I also will be going off to college when I graduate high school and I also will be missing all my friends. My older sister is in college and she tells me it gets easier after just a few days as you meet new friends and settle in to college life. Best of luck! 🙂

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