Day 435 – School, helping Kohai, Mulan, OC and kittens

Friday, May 5th 2017

Today was alright.

I started with French. We continued reading and did some questions.

In psychology I worked on my paper and texted Kohai. She was worried about the work she had to catch up on during the week she missed, and I assured I’d help out.

Apparently two students were baught by a girl in the class and used them as bodyguards, the same idea I had haha (reference to yesterday). 

At lunch I sat with my close friends and I ranted about the players that attacked one of the owners yesterday.

In English we read Macbeth and did some questions.

In art we continued painting the mural and one of my close friends from lunch came along to talk to us. She kinda insulted my clouds a bit, which makes me want to retouch them :p She kinda realised that she did and awkwardly smiled.

At home I talked with Kohai (felt like forever since I did) and walked her through the acts she missed for Cyrano. I went to eat, played Shadwen until she ate, resumed the rest and then I added her on family sharing on Steam, so now she has a bunch of games to play when she can.

I watched Mulan, and it was sooooo good. Now one of my favourite movies. I wish I washed it earlier. I missed out.

Oh, I accidentally created a character that just… He’s just a perfect persona for my YouTube channel. He’s human though, and I’m not really good at drawing humans. I’ll practice however, since I’ve fallen in love with him and I just have to draw him. I imagine the cat I was using to represent me floating on his shoulder instead. His look matches a personality I truly admire. I can’t wait.

Last thing, the owners rescued these kittens and name a few of them after us. Mine is grey like my cat and apparently doesn’t like to be touched, haha.

That’s all for today.

4 thoughts on “Day 435 – School, helping Kohai, Mulan, OC and kittens”

  1. Whoops, I didn’t realize yesterday was Friday, I had two Thursday entries by mistake :\

  2. I’m in Paris now, no one here speaks English hahaha

  3. I read your entire entry while on the bus to Paris btw, I just couldn’t reply properly because the Internet would intermittently disconnect every few seconds. Sounds like you had an awesome day today, Mulan is an awesome movie, Mulan 2 isn’t though.

    You should put up the YouTube character you created. Sounds cool that the cat you drew will basically be a pet on his shoulders. Anyway let me know if you want to talk sometime tomorrow. I am in Paris now, it is really populated here and everything is super expensive. “Au revoire” 😛

  4. Oops :p

    Well of course not >-<

    I didn't draw him yet, I plan to soon though. I might be busy tomorrow, we'll see.

    It's "au revoir" lol, and à temps tôt :p (see you later)

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