Day 5 & 6 – 30 Days of Beauty

Day 5 & 6 have been a whirlwind of activity. Friday was our first Meal Prep Like a Pro session in Estevan. It’s always a lot of planning and brain power to prepare for a session, but even more so when you’re taking it in the road and can’t zip back home for the things you forgot. So, with brains racing and a truck loaded to the roof, Cheryl and I hit the road….Estevan here we come!

The evening went off almost without a hitch. We forgot a few things, couldn’t find the cutlery in the church kitchen and had to cozy everyone in as more arrived than we expected (that’s a good thing), but we pulled it off with smiles on our faces.

Saturday we planned to head home early in the morning, but somehow we ended up shopping in a couple great ladies stores and found some pretty special things for ourselves. We might have spent all our profits on the things we bought but damn were gonna look good next time we dress up!  

Last night we had a “come as you are” bonfire and my bestest most amazing friends shared the evening with me.  We laughed and reminisced, told stories and enjoyed our first summer party together. Hopefully there will be many more to come and summer will be warm and loved. 

ps – the beauty of these two days is in my heart and not in pictures because sometimes you can’t capture perfection anywhere else. ❤️

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