Saturday am fog

Snooch is not going to her sleep over until tomorrow. We watched a dog’s purpose last night. Not gonna lie, I cried. Funny thing is that I knew the whole premise for the movie and I knew it was going to make me cry. The movie centers around one dog who keeps living these different lives, dieing, and being reincarnated. 

Reincarnation is something that I do believe in for a multitude of reasons. I’m also sort of certain that is a partial reason why Snooch named Rascal “Rascal”. I was pretty surprised when she announced his name. Surprised and touched. Not that I believe this Rascal has anything to do with the original. He doesn’t. The personality is so different. I know it isn’t his soul when I look into those eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I like this Rascal, but in a very different way than the one I grew up with.

I had actually made it a point to NOT see the movie. The reason being was because there was controversy over one of the dog actors. Activist claimed a dog was mistreated. It was during this scene where a German Shepard was performing a staged water rescue. The dog was scared to jump in the water. The claim is that the trainer thew the dog in the water. That action caused a big stir in the animal rights community.

My ideals sometimes don’t hold a candle to when it comes to bonding with Snooch. She really wanted to see that movie so despite my misgivings, I rented it for us. I’m glad I did. 

Rascal was having a hard day yesterday. He hates, hates, hates the rain. He had been stuck in the house for 2 days and he had some serious pent up puppy energy. He is teething again so he is chewing on everything included me! Today is sunny so I can take him for a decent walk before work.

The school year is ending soon. Crazy. We have just a couple more weeks. Up North the year runs from September to late June, but here it is August to May.  I’m not ready for the kids to be home every day!!!

Hoshi Akari has her end of the year exams. She has a lot of AP & college level classes even though she is only a freshman. I know she is not looking forward to next year. She wants me to sign her up for home schooling, but with her introvert personality, I don’t think it is a good thing for her to shut out the world. She has one more year at this school and then she will be going to the Governor’s school for her junior and senior year.

A big part of the reason why none of my kids like the school’s down here is because of how they flaunt religion EVERYWHERE. If you are anything other than Christian than they call you a devil worshipper and condemn you to hell. They make it hard for me to be tolerant of them when they refuse to be tolerant of anything other than their own beliefs which most can not even put into practice. Seriously. If you read the crime section from any area news station you’d be rolling your eyes at how terrible people around here act. Lots of thugs. Lots of crimes against animals & children. Lots of drugs… stuff like that.

Snooch was in chorus and G&T chorus this year. She is opting for art next school season instead. The main reason being is that the chorus keeps picking out songs that are mainly Christian & church type songs. This isn’t a church choir group. This isn’t even a Christian school. Nope it is a public school where they sing about Mary, God, and Jesus. I understand they are preaching what they love, but throwing their Christian ideals in my face is sort of not okay when their are intentionally alienating people. What if I was Jewish? Muslim? I sort of think this over flow of religion is offensive. I could make a big stink about it, slap a law suit on them, remind them of separation of church and state… but it would just turn into a Jesus crusade and further alienate my kids… You pull this type of stuff where I come from and you’d be charged with violating some one’s civil rights and quite possibly accused of commiting a hate crime.

One day when we were at a festival this elderly gentlemen asked Snooch what church she goes to. She felt uncomfortable with the question so she lied. 

“I don’t know the name of it.” She told him.

“Do you even go to church?” He started digging farther.

“No.” Snooch admired.

“Are you even baptized? “


And then the man went into a fire and brimstone tirade of how she’s going to hell because she isn’t baptized and she doesn’t go to church. Wtf?!?! 

To me, church is a business. You pay your dues, you tithe your paycheck. The church gets richer and richer while you remain the same. Last I checked the universe was built for free. Not one penny spent on the construction of Earth. I’m also fairly certain Jesus didn’t demand money from all those he preached to. The churches in South Carolina are not about Faith. That’s my over all opinion. They are a business. When Sunday’s income was not enough they opened on Wednesdays to make a few extra bucks. They are social clubs. They preach fear and spread hate. I’m utterly unimpressed.

The only person I know in this state who puts into practice what they whole heartedly believe is Saved by Grace. She lives it, loves it, practices it. I applaud her for not being a hypocrite. She knows I am Pagan and does not harass me for it.

It ticks me off that I can’t wear my talisman / ward out in public. Here is a picture of it:

Most people do not realize that it is NOT a symbol of devil worship. Notice how it is one point up, 2 down? When it is upright it is a representation of the elements that make up the Earth. Totally an Earthy crunchy, hippy dippy symbol. The 12 symbol in the circle around the pentagram are zodiac symbols. My shout out to the cosmos. Quick grab your pitch forks.

I guess I could wear it out. I do have a choice after all. It is just that I’m actually a really quiet person. I hate confrontation and I know wearing my ward visibly would bring about losts of confrontation that I don’t want to deal with. So I don’t. I live my life by walking on egg shells trying to avoid drama. I have had enough drama and fighting for several life times. I’m done with it. That’s why I hate negativity. I’m a happy a person who does not deal with sour  faced,  toxic bull shit. Live & let live. Love and let love.

Anyways I’ve ranted enough for one morning. Time to go walk one crazy pup!

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  1. I completely agree with your position about religion, more I can say that in my country people are such negativity attitude towards people of faith, not a Christian. In Russia Orthodox Christians.

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