May 6, 2017
10:41 pm
  The voices haven’t been that intense this evening. They have pretty much been staying at the same level so far tonight. They have been talking a lot of shit so to speak, but I’d say that there is nothing out of the ordinary about that as far as they go. I already took one dose of sleep-aid and I’m about to take another and then turn in for the night. Hopefully, I can get to sleep pretty quickly. I tried to sleep for a bit this afternoon when I got home from work and that didn’t work out so well because of their harassments. Hopefully, tonight will go easy.
May 7, 2017
  So far today, the presence of these harassing spirits has been quite mild. I’ve been hearing a very faint voice speak into my left ear at times within the past hour, but all in all, things have been rather uneventful today and that is certainly fine by me.
   It’s Sunday, so I’m off from work. I was doing a little side work this morning, but I’m home now. I think I’ll try and rest for a bit. I know that this is when the harassment will start up. But, I’ll see how it goes. Last weekend, I pulled off catching some sleep in the afternoon. It may seem trivial, but that was the first time that I was able to pull that off in months….many months probably.
4:30 pm
  Well, to no great surprise, my attempt at rest this afternoon failed. As soon as I got into bed, I was immediately disturbed by the physical sensations and the harassing voices, mainly I was hearing the younger female sounding voice that I refer to as “Pippy” or sometimes “Pippy the Nazi.” Her voice has been the most present and the most harassing throughout this whole situation.
  I gave up trying to sleep after about twenty minutes. At first, I was a bit angry and aggravated, but I quickly calmed down. To get angry would be to play into their hands for that is exactly what they want. They seek to instill emotions of anger, depression and anxiety in you. If you deny them of this, then their attacks lose much of their effect.

May 7, 2017


  The voices have not been that strong this evening thankfully. They have been present and I can detect their presence, but they have been faint, in the background essentially. I think it fair to say that my situation has stabilized to a degree. The times when these harassing negative spirits seem to overwhelm me with their voices and cause me much anxiety is becoming few and far between. There are occasional incidents here and there. For example, there was a night earlier this week when while I was in bed half-asleep, it seemed like these negative spirits were attempting to give me “a beat down” of sorts by intensifying the physical/bodily disturbances that I so regularly experience at night.

  There are also occasions periodically when the voices will seem particularly strong. Sometimes their strength causes me some level of apprehension. But again, these incidents where things seem escalated are becoming less frequent anymore. I’m certainly not saying that my oppression situation is over, far from it. But, it has basically just stabilized into this routine where all of this is just more annoying now than anything. Things now are certainly a far cry from the terror that I was experiencing back in 2015. But, it is still a disruption in my life…no doubt about that.

May 8, 2017

6:29 am

  I got to sleep last night without too much bother. I was feeling the vibration sensation slightly, but overall things were quite mild.  Things are quite mild this morning as well. I can detect the presence of the voices, but they are extremely faint. So, as I was saying, things do appear to be stabilizing into this calmer norm. Of course, I’d rather be free from this whole situation, but I am glad in the meantime, that things have become more mild overall.



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