Day 436 – Shopping and WindSailor

Saturday, March 6th 2017

Today was okay.

I did quite a bit of shopping with my family, specifically my mom. We went to the mall, all ate lunch, browsed phones for my brother, then he left with my dad to go do his shopping. I ended up findings only two pair of shorts in a store that someone from school works at, then navy blue converse at another. We also got ice cream, but it tasted more just like ice.

I was exhausted when I got home, so after eating, I just went on the server and watched Doctor Who. I plan on answering to WindSailor’s emails, I’ve just been staying away from too much psychology related topics, since I have a sociology paper to write which involves a lot of sociology already to read online, and I don’t want to go over on it and get annoyed by it. I’ll answer eventually. I bet while I’m writing my paper, I’ll come across some discussion topics to answer to their emails. I’ll answer back once I can, if you’re reading this.

That’s all for today.

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