Running Away

I know the title seems a bit over dramatic, but it’s not. Nevermore have I felt more like getting on a place and running away. Some people may ask why, but some would not even turn a blind eye or even care that I am gone. 

Lately, since around the end of February, I have been overwhelmed with emotion, and in my head the only way that I can get away from it all is to get on a plane and just get out of here, away from everything. Including family troubles, work issues, toxic relationships etc. But the thing about running away, its only temporary. At some point, after running away from all these issues, I would have to return, or be returned by force, and face up to these issues. 2017 was meant to be great and wonderful and lately it is just turning out to be a pile of crap. 

I do not even feel apart of anything. 

For now,

Love Lily x

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