I want to go far far away

Lie in the meadow and stare up at the sky all day

Sleep in the grass with peace and never wake up

Feel the breeze and watch the stars and moon all night 

I want to be at peace and be happy in the simple things

I want to play with kids and help the humanity

I want to go far far away

From all the hustle and be at peace

To find some love and stick with it

To cherish it and grow with it

I want to go far far away

To gain the peace of mind 

I want my heart to be full of love

I want it to swell at the sight of love

I want to far far away

With a full heart to never return



6 thoughts on “Slam”

  1. @yngSurferdude16 thankyou Cameron for appreciating and good wishes! 🙂
    I really love staring at moons and stars. I cant go to sleep if I don’t look at sky from my bed. I always choose a room which has the view of sky. You are sooo lucky to ave a beach near your house,I must say! 🙂
    you know its a relaxing therapy,staring at stars calms your nerves and laying on the beach does the same.. I wish I had a beach near my house too 🙂

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