I want to go far far away

Lie in the meadow and stare up at the sky all day

Sleep in the grass with peace and never wake up

Feel the breeze and watch the stars and moon all night 

I want to be at peace and be happy in the simple things

I want to play with kids and help the humanity

I want to go far far away

From all the hustle and be at peace

To find some love and stick with it

To cherish it and grow with it

I want to go far far away

To gain the peace of mind 

I want my heart to be full of love

I want it to swell at the sight of love

I want to far far away

With a full heart to never return



11 thoughts on “Slam”

  1. This was a nice write Blue. The closest way that I can feel the escape from the stress of school or sadness that strikes me, is I have a special place at the beach where I go at night. I lay down on the sand in an area where I know is secluded, and I stare at the stars and the moon. I have even done this at a park, again at night, no body around, just lay there and stare at the stars and the moon. It’s amazing how awesome it is to feel the vibes of the open spaces, the ocean, the distant sounds of seagulls or just the sound of nature. It really is awesome how it all helps take the stress and sadness away, maybe for me, it’s just my way to connect with God, idk but when I leave and head back home, I feel better about myself and not so stressed or sad. I wish nothing but happiness and love for you Blue. :Big Hug!: 🙂

  2. @yngSurferdude16 thankyou Cameron for appreciating and good wishes! 🙂
    I really love staring at moons and stars. I cant go to sleep if I don’t look at sky from my bed. I always choose a room which has the view of sky. You are sooo lucky to ave a beach near your house,I must say! 🙂
    you know its a relaxing therapy,staring at stars calms your nerves and laying on the beach does the same.. I wish I had a beach near my house too 🙂

  3. @Halaskyblue Wow! that’s cool you like looking up at the stars and the moon at night. Blue -wish I knew your real name 🙁 I’m sorry you live so far away and can’t enjoy the beach, It would be so awesome having you as a friend that lives near me. you could hang out with me and go to the beach, you could even meet my pet dolphin splash in the cove. I would even like to teach you to surf if you wanted 🙂 btw, you are welcome on the wishes and good luck. Hope you have a good week Blue and here’s another :HUG: and my love also just for you! 🙂

  4. Blue it’s cool, it was my bad for asking your name, you don’t need to cuz I don’t want to loose you as a friend and follower. 🙁 and I also don’t care if you are older then me, it’s cool blue, honest! I do have friends that are older then me. I really wish I was older 🙁

  5. Very cool! I’m glad you will still be my friend and you have a pretty cool name. So if I call you Henna, is that ok ? Hope you have a nice weekend if we don’t text before mine or your next journal post. Thanks again! 🙂

  6. Thanks Henna, just so you know, I took my photo off my entry. It was only there so you could see me. I don’t like to post my pics because it’s not safe. Hope you hagd 🙂

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