What are the signs that you might be in love…and are scared of it? Wait, why are you scared? Isn’t it supposed to be good news? Shouldn’t it be something beautiful?
Well, yeah…in a way. However, we live in a real world. Not every love story is granted a happy ending, so let’s just be realistic, shall we?
Sorry for getting a bit sidetracked there. Now, here are ten signs you might be in love (and are scared of it):
1. You’re dying to keep your cool at their presence.
Lucky for you introverts. This is a major challenge for all extroverts. What you see is what you get.
2. You can’t help yourself – sometimes grinning like a complete idiot at the thought of them.
Because of this, you either distract yourself in any ways possible or…just stay indoors.
3. You secretly make them your muse.
If you’re a poet or a fiction writer, there’s your inspiration. Enough said.
4. You start remembering and listening to too many happy love songs…and that’s still not enough.
From A to Z and back again, you can’t stop listening to them. You even feel like singing them out loud…and in turns.
5. You’re afraid to mention their name by mistake.
How come? You see someone who look like them and oops, you have a tongue slip.
6. You start wondering if those fairy tales, love stories, and romantic comedies could have been inspired by real events.
Enough said.
While at the same time…
7. You fear that this might be one-sided.
Story of your life? Ouch. Oh, well. What else is new? As usual, you only have two choices:
Let them know or let the curiousity kill the cat. (In this case, the cat is YOU.)
8. You fear that your chances are slim.
Better than nothing? Says who? Let’s just be realistic here. This is not the world where love always conquers all.
What if the two of you are way too different to make it? Been there done that, eh?
9. Your friends have varied reactions…again.
Some are happy that you’ve finally worked up the courage to open up your heart again. Some also worry that – once again – either the feelings are not mutual or the guy might break your heart like the previous one…or even worse.
The good news is, you have a battalion of support. Still, let’s avoid that same old, ugly possibility, okay? Like one of them once said, “Protect your heart with your brain.”
10. You worry that this might be just another temporary madness, so you’re waiting for the fever to be over soon.
When? You get to decide. Find the cure before you get sucked in way too deep.
May you get over this soon.

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