Zebra Girl, never stop partying.

Ever thought of certain scenarios where you don’t see yourself having fun? 

I grew up locked away from parties, although my parents were rather open minded when talking about alcohol and drugs. So I always wanted to go to parties for the fun and socializing while everyone else was going to get drunk and high. 

I don’t drink often, I rarely go to parties, and I have never tried any drugs that weren’t over the counter.  

But this past weekend me and my girlfriend went to a small concert in a little bar not to far from my house. This was my first time going out at night since I started college. I saw drunk people, obviously, I saw one of her friends immersed in the music of the band that was not half bad, people pushing each other during guitar solos and what almost turnt into a fight. I even had a beer. 

We then went to the after party, in this very aesthetically pleasing building, kinda like the ones you see in music videos. Instead of partying me and Cloud went upstairs where we could see all the drunk people while we shared a glass of wine, laughing about Zebra girl, a lady in her mid twenties in a tight zebra print dress who was feeling everysingle beat in the music to what seemed like a spiritual level… classyyyyy.


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