My beloved missing darling.

 Dear Bomin my baby cupcake,

I cannot stop expressing my gratitude to you because I know how hard we are going through this difficult prolonged long distance relationship. 

I’ve got only wished that we should have just never been apart each other, only me being able to support you with the deepest bottom of my heart.

I will be consistent, I won’t forget any small tremble that I have felt from the beginning relationship with you.

Because you are the only one I dare to choose to live for the rest of my life and this divine decision made and planned by God is something I can never change even if I choose to give up my life.

I will make the realization of the one and the only true love that I have dreamed, that I have taught to do, and that I have given by the enormous grace of Him.

I won’t forget this time because without this time, what we will picture for ourselves in the better place that we can fully desire and yield for each other won’t come.

I will keep being matured and correct myself. Sometimes I know I am wrong and I even kept being stubborn but I will improve myself for the sake of us.


My love, my deepest love. I am only wishing your peaceful night today and I will wake you up with the joyful feeling because you make my day always.


Love you,


John Song


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