Something wrong with me

It has been a lil over 2 months since i lost my father. I still miss him horribly but in the last month or so i find myself getting angry about the whole situation week b4 he passed. I am angry, and i feel horrible for being angry but i cant stop. Day he went into hospital the dr called my sister and told her what was going on. After dr hung up with her my dad immediately called her to tell her not to cry or be stressed about it. Where was by phone call? Maybe i wanted to hear his voice one last time also but nope. Its always been my sister he favors and treated better. He bought my sister a new bike once and bought me a used one, didnt even go to my high school graduation, and then that happened…why couldnt he call me too? Did he not like me that much? Of course i know he loved me bc I’m his daughter but couldnt even call me on his death bed. Yes i sound insensitive but it hurts worse than anything ive ever encountered. Mentioned it to my mom once and she said dont be like that, dont think she believed i could really be that upset bout it but i do! Went to dr and they put me on Cymbalta…depression med. It helping me but gives me a headache most of the time. Guess better that than being sad all the time. Have therapt session tomorrow…guess see how that goes…didnt go last week so guess need go this week.

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