Unplugging for a week: Sunday

I didn’t go to the beach.

I love hearing the rain fall.

I woke up to an overcast day. Certainly not Beach weather but still perfect weather to me. 


Something about each drop breaking up a different clump of soil. Something about the sound and smell I love.  

I hadn’t done that in awhile. 

Just listened. 

It felt good.

I didn’t go to the beach but I relaxed.

I centered.

I slept.

I hadn’t realized how really tired I was. Maybe this contributed to my feelings of emptiness. 

At least eight hours. 

I never would have imagined I could say I slept for eight hours.

I don’t miss people.

Not much happened today in the way of revelations or activities but I remembered something: 

I love cooking and listening to the rain.

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