5 things I like about myself

Journal prompt #2:
1. I feel I am empathic to people’s pain and am very compassionate. Even if someone has hurt me, I still can see where they came from and imagine how they feel. I might not always give a shit, but I’m good at putting myself in their shoes.
2. My hair. I mean, it could be better, but it’s straight and shiny. really there isn’t much else to ask for unless there is a hair fairy that could make it naturally deep auburn red…but that comes with a set of problems that I don’t normally have to deal with.
3. My sense of humor. I feel I’m pretty witty and funny. I manage to get a laugh out of most crowds I’m a part of. The things I laugh at crack me up and I’m not above making myself laugh.
4. I love my babies to distraction. That doesn’t mean I’m a perfect mom, but the love I have for them would make the decision to jump in front of a bullet for them pretty easy. It helps me know I’m not broken and that I love these girls a way a mother should.
5. I like that I like to be alone. It helps me not feel onely and I think it would be pretty miserable to always need someone around to feel like a worthwhile person. Of course, I long for friendships but not because I don’t enjoy my own company.

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