And it begins

So In between the gap, I guess a strange one for a user name, I’ll explain. I’m 21, sigh, 29, I’m at that age where computers and social media started coming into the forefront of life when I was still at school. That age where some of us slipped through the gap, where we get it but we don’t get it.

We know enough to blag ourselves through life but wish we knew more.

The age where we could carry all our books round on a Kindle but we prefer paper in our hands when we read.

Where we keep notes and appointments in diaries and not on our phone.

Where technology is a thing we have to use but we would prefer not too.

Where we try to keep up with today’s fast demands but would rather be
drinking a cup of tea and having a nap (naps are amazing).

Its all so fast today you blink and you miss it, I think I’ll stay between the gap and watch the world as it zooms by.

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