you know what hurts the most? the fact you couldn’t even give me closure. you acted as if you never gave a single fuck about me when just months ago, you couldn’t tell me enough how I was the one even after all these years. and yet, you didn’t even love me enough to give me the closure I needed. you acted as if you never knew me.., as if I were a stranger passing by.

2 thoughts on “Closure”

  1. What is closure, really? An explanation of the end? Or the explanation that makes us feel better about the end? There’s nothing that can be said or done to make an ending easier to deal with. What if it was all your fault? Would you find it easier to cope knowing you messed it up? What if it was all their fault? It just leads to more questions you’d need answered, and you might not like the answers you find.
    Personally, I’d be asking what could I had done differently? We can’t undo the mistakes we’ve made, but knowing of them and our behaviors leading up to them, we might be able to identify the pattern and stop ourselves before it becomes the beginnings to the end in future relationships.
    I’m unfamiliar with your entries, I only stumbled upon this one, so I’m unaware if you’ve already asked that one, nor do I know the intimate details of your situation. And I don’t mean to negate your feelings in any way, as I have been in a similiar position myself (and to be quite honest, it may seem I’m still there). I’m also fairly certain my words are pertaining more to me than to you.
    However, I hope you do find solace. The erratic thoughts that accompany a shattered heart can be debilitating and endless. The fact that you’re affected ao much just goes to show that your feelings were genuine, and true is not something people practice these days. Maybe you can find comfort knowing your thoughts now have been someone else’s before you, and will tragically be someone else’s after you, and if you hold steady you’ll survive.

  2. I thought it’s only men who do not want closure at all. Women do.
    This one makes me a little better thinking that I am not the only one who needs a closure. It hurts because you are just ignored that easy. You lay in your bed with tears in your eyes and hurting yourself thinking that it was probably your fault why he stopped talking to you. It hurts.

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