Day 030 – Hangout

Today was fine.

I was get struck in an issue in office and it has wasted my whole day my productivity suffered a lot. I talk to the developer of plugin and he try to help me but that didn’t worked either but luckily before leaving office I solved that bug accidentally, I texted the developer about reason behind the bug and thanks him for his time. At lunch time we did involve in funny talks:) joke cracking. At tea break  I talk to my colleague/friend AZ about career and future plans and our learning at in our company, we are doing learning at our own because senior Engineers have left the company. I left from office at 7:15 pm to meet my university friends (MA,MU,UK) 

I reached there around 7:45,we eat food in the end ice cream and talked about random stuff we spend one and half hour together after that we left for our homes It was fun meeting.

That was for today.

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