Day 438 – Kohai, art and Gallifrey

Monday, May 8th 2017

Today was good.

I went to art class and saw Kohai was finally back. She greeted me with a long hug and some Toberlone ^-^. Was really happy to see her again.

Since our class had something going on, for those not participating, they were sent to the library to draw, so I tried developing my style in my sketchbook.

In English we continued reading and doing questions on Macbeth. We also got into groups to discuss our presentations. Our group chose unnatural/natural as the symbolism.

At lunch I talked with a close friend of mine.

In psychology, I continued working on the project and sent an email to my psychology teacher, since he was absent, about working with Kohai, despite us being in different classes. Since she was also on a Chromebook that period, she corrected the French grammar of my email.

I ended with French and we kept reading. At the end we were supposed to do questions, but Kohai didn’t have hers with her, so we just talked; mostly about accents, pronunciation and Spanish.

At home I continued trying to develop my style, then I ate, tried playing Uncanny Valley (which I forgot was a horror game, so I was in for a surprise), played a bit of Rocket League, then watched Doctor Who. It was such a good episode and (SPOILER) I AM SO EXCITED BECAUSE GALLIFREY! I told my dad some days earlier that I was hoping for a Gallifrey episode at least, and there we have it, ladies and gentlemen. I can’t wait to watch it. Can’t wait to dream as well tonight, since I won’t stop dreaming of Doctor Who, haha.

That’s all for today.










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