Short and quick today.

Everything for this week is either coming up on Wednesday or coming after it. I have my AP English exam on Wednesday morning (which means I’ll have to get to school super super early ugh) and then I have an accounting test after lunch. A class after that, and I’ll have a math test. Why.

And of course, since I’ll be testing for English, I won’t be able to take the history test on Wednesday that’s in the morning. So I’ll have to make that up on Thursday or something like that. Joy.

But this is my last “normal” week of junior year. Next Monday I’ll spend the whole day at Six Flags! Whooo! And the Monday after that, I’ll be reviewing for the finals, and then! –School will somehow be over. It’s terrifying. I’m terrified. Where has all my time gone?

Anyway. What was I going to write? Oh yeah, I’ve been drawing SO MUCH lately. I just suddenly have the urge to improve my (virtually nonexistent) drawing skills. It MIGHT have a little something to do with the fact that I want to be good enough at drawing that it’s not embarrassing to be caught doodling in class. I’ve drawn a lot of hands… by looking at my own hands for reference. Obviously I’m much better at drawing than I used to be, but I’m still not very good, so I’m only looking forward to summer vacation so I can have hours and hours and hours to draw every day.

“Anna Sun” by Walk The Moon is so fun and young and hopeful and summery and pretty. I don’t know how to explain it. “Creature” by It Looks Sad. is also wonderful in that grungy messy crazy indie highway-drive way. I find myself listening to lofi vaporwave (for the nostalgia and the 90s-nighttime-city vibes) and loud shouting-vocals indie songs (for the nostalgia and the summer-festival vibes).

I’m so looking forward to next year. That engineering club my friends JW and R set up has been approved, and I’ll be in it; I have so many great classes next year (hard, but great!); I’m going to prom next year; I’ll know people next year so I won’t have to start over at anything like I had to do this year. I’m really scared, but also looking forward to everything, if that makes sense.

Trying to stay positive, to be happy. To keep looking at things through happy lenses instead of sad ones. We’re learning about lenses and mirrors in physics now, and I just thought of it.

Also just a side note, I’m crying laughing while watching John Fassold’s “How EVERY___ Song is Written” videos. They’re so accurate I always die laughing.

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  1. Hi Pretty in Black. I’m glad you’re pursuing your drawings. That’s wonderful. Remember not everything has to be perfect. Just throw in some loose sketches in pencil and then fine-tune them to what you want. Wish I could see them! Keep up the good work, girl!

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