I am troubled.  There is a man in his eighties who has been a family friend for about 15 years.  As he gets older, he is not behaving well.  He wants me to write a book about my childhood and some abuses that caused me deep personality problems.  God has healed all that.  I have forgiven the person(s) and I am happy.  He says I could write a blockbuster book.  I don’t care.  I am not writing such a book, bringing more darkness into the world.  I want to bring light.  Forgiving wasn’t easy, but it is so freeing!  This man is even trying to start something with me.  I am sure he has dementia, and I hate to just end the friendship, but I cannot tolerate the things he says, and how he wants to talk to me and try to be with me.  I wrote him a letter spelling it out and telling him to stop it.  If that ends the friendship, so be it.  My husband and I have been good friends to him, and I never expected dementia to take this nasty turn.  He tells me he watches porn.  Y’all know I am not interested in that stuff; don’t even want to hear the word “porn” —any suggestions?  He is severely lonely and I am sorry for him.  A widower living alone on oxygen. God bless him.  I just have to have boundaries and enforce them, even if it hurts his feelings….I think I’m right.  What do you all think?

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