What is it with the moon

What exactly is it about full moons that make everything go haywire? Why is it that such a small thing caused such a bizarre ripple. There has how many full moons since it’s very own creation? Think on that. Yet we still get caught in that Friday the 13th like atmosphere like it is a rip ride.

Saturday night I conducted the ever so brilliant maneuver of locking my keys in my car… and no, I don’t have AAA. Starr helped me try to break into the Jeep. Every one kept telling me to break the window since I have full coverage. When Starr and a few others failed, I actually did consider just smashing the damn window. I didn’t though. Instead I caught a ride home with Starr and called a lock Smith in the morning so I wouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for having some one come out at 2 am. It isn’t a big deal, but man it is annoying. I use to lock my keys in the car on a more frequent basis than I care to admit. This was the first time in over 2 1/2 years. I guess that’s progress.

Rascal has started to become food aggressive. Some one knocked the gate over and he ran into the kitchen to enjoy in the utterly gross action of munching on the cat’s litter boxes. Bobo tried to stop him and Rascal snapped and growled at him. Had he been a bigger dog he might have done some actual damage. He is signed up for puppy obedience classes, but they don’t start until June. In the mean time I’ve created a more structured schedule for him and started to crack down on his training.

This morning Hoshi Akari woke up by smashing her face into the corner of the window sill. She’s got a nice whiner. That has just got to hurt.

I’m not sure what it is, but The Man had has been getting on my nerves. I hate that. It sort of feels like my emotions are dependent on how he acts, what he says, and what mood he is in. Normally I don’t let myself feel this way. Whatever it is, I am not going to worry about. I’m just going to keep myself busy because I know it will work itself out.

I think he noticed it too though. He suggested we have a date night very soon. Perfect timing. We need a chance to reconnect.

Have more to say, but I’m sleeping. GNJ.


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  1. H and I are in desperate need of a date. And he agreed. I feel like we haven’t seen each other or talked to each other in weeks! We’re so caught up in the day to day. We are missing the big picture. Best to you and The Man.

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