You all know the feeling being not seen, don’t you? Well… I do for 2 years now. 

I’ve a best friend, he’s gay. Like literally gay, gay, so really. And I love him the way he is, like totally. He had some problems with friends and family because of who he is, but I was always there for him and respected him the way he is. We do all kind of stuff together. We are not friends, we are like sister and brother. And like all siblings we have our fights and then patch things up again. But since he has a boyfriend, who I really love too, he’s not the problem, I’m just the 3rd wheel. 

I can totally understand that he wants to spend as much time with him as he can. But I am the shoulder he always cried and will cry on if something happens.

I just feel so alone sometimes. He’s the only one I have near me. It kind of feels like I’ve lost him, like he’s grown out of a pair of old shoes, thrown them away and found another perfect matching pair.

But as I know, things will get better and I hope the best.

Maybe Prince Charming will come ridden on his white horse searching for me. But this seems very unrealistic.

But my mum always tells me “To every pot belongs a fitting lid” and who doesn’t believe in what your mummy tells you? 🙂

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