10/05/17 – Primary school/

i decided to set this to public. dont ask me why and i highly doubt no one will ever read this… but if you are reading this i say hi to you.

So i thought it’s about time i start to recall how i got myself into this current position i’m in. i am going to go right back and i hope at one point i will be able to see where is went all wrong.

i was happy in primary school. not a care in the world what anyone thought about me. i was the ‘class clown’ and i have to admit i loved it abit. i got the lead role in the school production a princess.i sang a solo infront of the school. i could never dream of doing that now. its like that person never existed…like the person was never me.

my best friend at primary school was going to a different high school to me. i still had one friend that i was close with going to high school with me that was Jess. Anyway time passed and first day of high school came. Thats when i slowly changed.

thats all for now.

‘i can only change my life. no one can do it for me.’


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