Day 10 – 30 Days of Beauty

I didn’t capture any beauty on film today because everywhere I saw it, I couldn’t get a picture. 

I spent most of my day trapped in my office getting ready for a meeting and there’s not much beauty there; but when I went for a walk around the lake, the fountain was turned on and it’s so nice to see. It’s so random in the middle of the lake, but I think that’s what makes it pretty. And there were kids out in kayaks learning with an instructor….how great to see instead of them sitting with their phones texting and playing games. 

When I got home there was dinner waiting for me (it was after 8:00pm) and another evening walk with the most beautiful full moon and peaceful quiet except for the chirping of the birds  (don’t they know when it’s their bedtime?).  

I’m going to bed early night.  My body and brain are so exhausted. This is not a normal thing….but damn, it’s a beautiful thing.  Sweet dreams my friends 😴 ❤️

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