Day 439 – School, stream & Doctor Who

Tuesday, May 9th 2017

Today was alright.

I started with English and my psychology teacher replied saying that Kohai and I may work together, yay! So that’s awesome.

In English we did a bit of grammar in common mistakes, continued Macbeth and had our group presentation discussion.

In art we continued the mural, and at lunch I sat with my close friend, Kohai for a bit, and an old friend joined us, which was great to see.

In French we continued reading and worked on our questions.

For psychology, I worked a little on the project and then on server staff things.

At home I streamed Uncanny Valley, which has been fun so far, ate, did my French homework, played a bit with one of the owners and watched Doctor Who. Now, spoilers, but that was so much to handle, by trying to understand the Doctor. Gallifrey is back, he doesn’t feel that happy to be there, just wrathful, then “saves” Clara and goes really far by doing that, to the point of scaring the heck out of me. He tried erasing her memory without letting her give a say first, and he almost did it (if he tried doing that to me, I’d yell at the top of my lungs). Anyway, now I’m not sure if he’s gonna go back to Gallifrey, but he spent billion of years searching for it and now he’s not bothering about going back? Not sure if he will, but if he doesn’t, and doesn’t explain why, that’s gonna be a bit stupid. Though he got his sonic screwdriver back and it’s fancy as all heck. I love it. It’s a tiny bit much, but it’s very interesting. I didn’t mind the sunglasses actually, as long as they tried different sonic objects for each regeneration, but great to see the screwdriver is back. But why is Clara going to Gallifrey I wonder? So many questions. And River is gonna be back! Wonder where she is gonna be in her timeline.

You can see why I said a lot happened.

That’s all for today.

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