Crushes for real though

 So the school year is over, and after a sleepover with my friends from home, they convinced me to tell my guy friend how I felt.  I did it over text, which I do recommend if doing it in person is too overwhelming.  He said he only likes me as a friend, so there we go.  I’m like a mix of emotions.  Like I truly do believe that it wasn’t a serious crush, my head just blew an unorthodox friendship to a higher level.  But I’m also a little sad, and I wish I hadn’t said anything in the first place.  Like he said we’re still good, but I don’t really know how much his opinion of me has changed.  Does he think lesser of me after that proclamation, or has he forgotten all about it?

2 thoughts on “Crushes for real though”

  1. just to let you know that friends can become more then friends. how do you think you become more? Haven’t been on for a long while been sick. But I am back.

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