Re: Plans

Go talk to geography teacher.

Physics project outline due.

Physics lab.

Geography essay.

History test.

Accounting test.

Computer programming, continuing Confusing.

Much to do, much to do.

I was looking at pictures of Dan and Phil. Such soft and lovely boys.

I got the yearbook yesterday. I should have bought it senior year. What was I thinking? It’s heavy and a bit awful. So many typos. And so heavy–hard-covered. It turns out that that boy I kept mentioning who wears all black is actually a sophomore, which makes it creepy that I was silently crushing on him. Ugh. Weird me back at it again.

Took the AP English exam this morning; I’m fine. The multiple choice was hard.

Excited and scared for the engineering club meeting next week. At least I know the people in it; I just don’t know what I’m even doing there, aside from being the token girl.

One thought on “Re: Plans”

  1. Kinda hard to not know which grade someone is in for my school, haha. We have such big contrasts in high school grades this year — 12th graders are chill and participate a lot, 11th graders (us) don’t really participate in much/are decent for the most part, 10th graders are jerks from what I’ve heard and seen, and 9th graders are just obviously young. There’s also the fact each grade is seperated into their own locker sections, which might be the major reason.

    But hey, I’d say if you like him, keep crushing on him, since he’s only a year younger, but if you think it’s still too weird since in high school it can be, well, there’s always other guys :p

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