I sat in the old patio chair in my backyard, pink coffee mug in hand, and watched my dog play in the yard. I took a sip of my coffee as I watched his excitement grow – he found a new stick and began tossing it about the lawn. It made me smile. Dogs are such humbling creatures, all it took was a new stick and his entire morning was made. I was reminded that the things I was worrying about in this very moment could wait.

I watched him as he pranced happily to where I was sitting, stick in mouth. His nub of a tail was waggling so hard that his behind was following in pursuit. “It’s not so bad, just you and me, huh?” My voice was so soft, a whisper, and he immediately cocked his head to the right. He responded the only way he knew how – by placing his new stick in my lap. 

I picked up the stick and threw it across the lawn, and watched him sprint to catch it. I smiled for the second time this morning and took another sip of my coffee.

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