Negative Spirit Attachment After Electronic Channeling

May 12, 2017
7:33 pm
   It’s a bit colder today, even though it’s May. In fact, this whole week, the temperatures have seemed to drop a bit. Where last week I was running the air conditioning in my condo, this evening I’m back to running the heater. To no great surprise to me, these harassing spirit attachments are using the steady noise to project their voices over.  They are talking the same kind of usual shit talk, not much ever really changes with that, at least it has not yet in my own situation.
 They are still going on about how they are “higher life forms”. Quite frankly, I’m very tired of hearing this, they have been saying it quite a lot for many months now. I really don’t know what the hell they are talking about so I try not and dwell on it. In fact, I try not to dwell on anything that they say because all that ever seems to lead to is slipping back down the rabbit hole. It is obvious that they are still always trying to get me to “drink the Kool-Aid”, but I’m not falling into their traps anymore. 
  I just tried to rest for a bit as soon as I got home from work after a particularly aggravating day. That didn’t go any better than usual. The physical sensations/disturbances that these negative entities were causing me were quite intense this afternoon. The more that I experience this, it often leaves me with the impression that these entities are feeding or draining energy from me. 
  Sometimes, these physical sensations seem more intended to simply cause me disturbance and aggravation. But, other times it seems more like they are latching on to me for some other reason, perhaps draining energy from me in some way that I just don’t fully understand, but I must say that I’m getting this impression more and more when I experience these strange physical/bodily sensations that these harassing entities cause me to feel. 
 I do often feel quite worn down and tired. But, I’m also very burnt out with work right now, so of course that could be a contributing factor as well. But, I’ve just been getting the sense recently that there is something else going on here, at least some of the time, when these entities cause these physical disturbances.
11:38 pm
  The rest of this evening has been pretty uneventful for the most part. The voices have been on the milder side, though they are still spewing their same bullshit talk. I’ve been hearing some whispered voices get in close and speaking into my ear a bit this evening. They have also been speaking over the noise of my frig motor. This is very common. If there’s a source of steady background noise in your immediate environment, then they are certainly more than likely to use it to make their voices appear to be louder and more menacing

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