Negative Spirit Attachment After Electronic Channeling


May 14, 2017

1:34 am

  I was feeling quite exhausted when I came home from work this afternoon. I don’t know why really, it was a rainy day and work was rather quiet, but I still felt drained of energy. I feel asleep for about six hours and woke up just past midnight. I was so out of it that I initially had no sense of how long I had been out. I thought at first that it was morning and that I needed to start getting ready for work soon. However, while it was indeed morning, it certainly was still a bit too early to be getting ready for work.

   These harassing spirits did not bother me much when I fell asleep after work. I don’t think that they even had much of a chance to honestly, I was out that fast. When I awoke, their presence was barely noticeable at all. Just within the past hour their voices have seemingly emerged from the background with greater strength. It’s almost as if they themselves were asleep for a time or perhaps they simply left and went someplace else for a while, while I was passed out.

   But, they are back now. I just took two doses of sleep-aid and am about to take another. I’d like to get back to sleep if I can. I can hear them now in the background talking, but it’s very fragmented. I cannot make out much of what they are saying. I’ve heard my name called a few times. But, I’m not really trying to listen….I don’t have to. This is a key thing to always remember. Even though I may hear them at times, when it comes down to it, I don’t have to listen to them. That choice is still my own.


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