A Danger of Spirit Communication : Intrusion of Dark Force Entities

May 14, 2017

  Just a few weeks ago, I met another person who is experiencing something that for the most part, mirrors my own situation. Just like me, this individual began to hear intrusive and harassing voices and also experience physical/bodily disturbances after engaging in spirit communication activity for some time via EVP. Just like me, this individual was deceived by a malevolent entity that during the initial communication sessions, pretended to be the spirit of a departed family member. This sadly, is a common tactic of deception often used by dark force entities. They can be quite masterful at deception and they will say just about anything to get you on the hook so that they can lure you in to interacting with them more and more. All the while that this increased interaction is taking place, they are gaining more and more access to your perception range.

   Once they have gained access, they will often drop the benevolent act and then proceed to torment you. In a sense, they will torment you from within your own perception range. At this point, you may begin to see them, hear their voices and also feel them. In fact, that’s how it was put to me exactly early on in my own situation. I remember hearing “we can see you, we can hear you and we can touch you.”

  From then on, I heard voices, intrusive and harassing voices that seemed hell-bent on turning my life into utter chaos. It has been a long and difficult battle of the mind to push them out of the center of my psyche. But, the struggle continues. They constantly seek to gain and hold my attention. They constantly seek to instill fear and anxiety in me as they once did. They constantly seek to be in a position where they can manipulate me like they once did. They do indeed attach themselves, but not necessarily to your physical body at all times. They attach themselves to your life once they have access to your perceptions.

 During the initial communication, before they have sprung their trap, communicating and interacting with them can become an obsession. I often say that it’s like being mesmerized. But, how they seem in the beginning while they are still deceiving and individual, is not how they will seem at all once they drop the act and attack.  Deception and treachery exist beyond this world, just as it exists here. Engaging in pursuits that directly interact with these types of intelligent beings of unknown origin can essentially be like trying your hand at Russian Roulette.

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