A Danger of Channeling Spirits : Hearing Voices


May 16,2017

7:00 am

  There was not too much disturbance from these harassing negative spirit attachments last night when I went to bed. I recall feeling some minor physical sensations, but it was nothing that intense. Yesterday was quite stressful at my work and I could just tell that these harassing entities were trying to add to the strain. But, I can report that this year, they are not bothering me at work nearly as much as they did last year. I think that they are still trying to just as much as they did last year, but I’m better able now to keep my focus on my work and not on them.

8:54 pm

  It was one of those days where I was for more aggravated by job bullshit today than by these harassing negative spirits and their constant de-motivating chatter. I barely noticed them at all while at work. I didn’t really pick up on their presence until I got home exhausted and I collapsed on my bed for a while. Then, as usual, I was feeling the physical sensations/disturbances and the voices that I call “Pippy” was speaking “up close” to my left ear. Basically, it was the same old situation. I’m hearing them now, at the moment they are speaking through the noise of my frig. Like I said, same old situation.

10:05 pm

  I’ve been getting the ringing in my ears again quite a bit during the last few days. It had seemed to be subsiding somewhat for a while, but it’s back again. This just drives home to me that my hearing has never been the same since I was experimenting with EVP back in 2015. In some way that I do not understand, my hearing has been altered.

  Back towards the end of my experience with EVP, I was hearing these negative and harassing spirit voices on my EVP recordings. But, then something happened. I began to hear these same harassing voices outside of my recordings with just my ears. Not long after this first began, I was hearing these harassing voices at all times, all day…every day. My oppression at the hands of these hostile negative spirits had begun in full force at that point.

  I have seen this happen to many others as well who engaged in some form of spirit communication activity or channeling on a routine basis. At first, we all established contact with these voices by whatever means of communication sessions and we began to hear these voices on a regular basis, sometimes external, sometimes we hear them internal. This is a very real danger when engaging in any form of channeling on a routine basis. The voices can go far beyond the limits of any channeling sessions, they can become attached to your life.


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