Negative Spirit Attachment : Riddles and Nonsense

May 14, 2017

8:52 pm

   Not much to report today really as far as these negative spirit attachments go. I’ve just heard them on and off throughout the day going on AGAIN about how they were “higher life forms.”  Talk about annoying, they can seriously take it to an extreme level. Why do they keep saying this? Do they seek reassurance from me that they are in fact higher life forms? It really beats me why they have been going on about this for the past few months now.

  For me personally, I don’t really put much emphasis on what kind of life forms they are because really, I simply have no way of knowing with certainty and I also don’t want to empower them by assuming things about them that I really have no way of being certain about. I do not want to assume that they have various strengths from the get go. Instead, I stay observant of their weaknesses. I do not assume from the get go that they can do this or that, I observe that they cannot do this or that they cannot do that. A large part of the struggle against these intruders of the mind is to adapt and overcome, to recognize their tricks and tactics and then become desensitized to them so that they are rendered much more ineffective.

   Recently, they have been going on about how they are “higher life forms” from Sun-up to Sun-down. Whether this is all just part of some mind game strategy of theirs, I really don’t know. But, for the most part, I’m also quite indifferent to it by now, so if they had some grand scheme in mind, it may already have failed. Hopefully it did. What they have achieved so far with this, is to be quite annoying and to give me the impression that they are extremely vain.

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