A Danger of Channeling Spirits: Night Harassment

May 21, 2017

6:54 am

  Last night when I went to bed, I was more or less attacked almost right away by these negative spirit attachments. I was feeling the strange vibration sensation that I so often feel, but this time it was quite intense, more intense that I have experienced it in quite a while. I was also hearing the usual harassing voices. Many of these voices were speaking through my pillow and right into my ear. This is a tactic that these harassing negative spirits have been employing for a number of months now and it does seem like they are going to keep employing it.

  So, last night was pretty bad with the disturbances. But all in all, things have generally been on the milder side recently as far as they go. The night before last, the voices became quite intense about an hour before I turned in, but fortunately I was able to get to sleep without too much trouble at all that night. Last night was a different story. I very much got the impression that these harassing spirits were essentially making an extra effort to disrupt me and prevent me from falling asleep. It took something like five doses of sleep-aid before I finally passed out.

   I have been rather preoccupied recently with other things such as work. Perhaps these negative spirit attachments were just trying to convey the message that they are still around and that they will still try to cause me problems and disruption. They know that I’m the most vulnerable when I’m trying to sleep, so this is often the time when they’ll attempt to escalate things.

   Well, this morning is pretty mind all in all. I’ve been hearing the voices faintly; their presence is rather weak at the moment. But, they are still present. I have a lot of work to do today so that should keep my focus directed elsewhere.

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