Completely Off The Circle

U’re weird.
U call urself by a weird name. Indian would work. “Shadow of anger”, “flies with eagles”, or “scratch on their perfect glass castles”.
Then u act it out. Late 4 classes. Late 4 assignments. Late 4 parties & never show up 4 ceremonies.
These two simple levels take half a year. It’s their turn, then. No call on ur cellphone; chitchat reduced to greeting… so mechanical u may throw up on their face.
U give ur smile and sparkles in ur eyes and take a false crappy sadness. U become the one. The other.
Watch out.
Don’t let the weirdness win.
U can stay out of it, yet keep ur feet inside.
That would come 2 ur help when everything starts 2 shatter and that harmonious desire 2 die echoes in endless mazes of loneliness.
Watch out.

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