Day 033 – Vulnerable

Today was fine.

Today I was feeling vulnerable some incidence been happening in my office which sets me to this state. I have done my graduation in Electrical Engineering 2014 in, exactly 3 years this summer but I pursued my career in gaming industry as game developer this November it will be 3 years. I was confused when I was started the job and still I’m. currently some people are been fired and some are planed to be fired in month or so how did it affects me actually I have good reputation as an Engineer and I have a bright future because I’m an eager learner, I am self motivated have passionate about technology and exploring new things on more realistic note I have to put extra effort and to do all this to survive in industry and compete with computer science people. Now I have came to a point I have forgot about electrical engineering off course not basic stuff (but that stuff needed to get a job) and on the flip side I am not there where I could be in my current job. Sometime I feel like a tree planted in a pot who grows but it roots did connect with ground

At night I did chat with my friend we chat for more than a hour we talked about game idea, a website idea etc.

That’s all for today.

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