Do you have a favorite season? Why?

Journal Prompt #6:
My favorite season is Fall. Hands down. So many amazing things happen during that time. I think it reminds me of when I was in high school and marched with the band. I attended all the football games and hung out with my friends and had competitions and learned to love the performance. I flirted with boys and hung out with girlfriends and basically had the time of my life. And it happened in the Fall.
I love how the weather turns and I get relief from the oppressive heat. I love pulling out my comfy hoodies and cozy sweaters. I love cuddling under blankets and appreciating my coffee for it’s warmth. I love watching the leaves and how it turns my boring commute into a beautiful drive. I love the promise of bon fires and s’mores and spending time with those most important to you.
I think I would love, very much so, having someone to snuggle with during those bon fires. Someone to hold hands with during my Grandmother’s hay rides. Someone to cuddle with on a blustery night. Maybe one day. I still enjoy those things, but I think it would add something extra to have someone to share them with.
One of my favorite things about Fall is the spirit of anticipation it has. The holidays are right around the corner and everything feels more childlike and festive. Things pick up at church and there is always some meal or activity or celebration to take part in. And the music!!!!I love Christmas music. Everyone is lucky if I wait until after Halloween to begin listening. Not to mention, HALLOWEEN!!!! I love breaking out my decorations and watching Hocus Pocus and all the lame Disney crap on TV. Being with my girls during this time has added such joy to my life. Having children adds a whole new depth to the holidays. We spend copious amounts of time considering the perfect costumes and planning where we will trick or treat. Passing out candy to the older kids after we get home is so much fun. My grandma’s fall festival is a treat that I look forward to every year. There are so many activities for both children and adults and the food is abundant. It’s a great time that I wouldn’t miss for anything. Then, Thanksgiving! It’s so special to me because it’s really the only time of the year I see my father’s side of the family. They are more widespread than my mother’s side, so it’s definitely an event! There are around a hundred of us at my Grandfather’s old farmhouse in Whitesville and it’s just magical. Old school food and desserts. Talking to my lovely cousins and watching football and laughing at the children. I’ve loved it my whole life.
Did someone mention Black Friday shopping? It’s a thing. I can’t describe how my adrenaline goes crazy and I get up and get coffee at 3am and shop til I drop with no kiddos. Just my mom, sisters, or maybe some friends. I look forward to it every year! All day, every year. Then, the next day, CHRISTMAS decorations go up. It’s a weekend process and I love every second of it. The music, and food and pretty sparkly things that are special to me and the girls. We each have a certain way of decorating our rooms that we take very seriously! We decorate the tree and put up lights on the house. It’s a wonderful time.
Fall? Bring it on.

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