My cup of tea, issue 2017, MAY

Every now and then, the hot topics which is very exciting to read is about politics, locally and globally. In the USA, the President, Donald Trump is very optimistic that America will get back in its great track again. And for all Americans who are white, it finds it very credible. But the Democrats,who are still harboring the pain of defeat, has until now kept instigating their allies to go to the street and demonstrate, make uncalled for rallies, just to weaken the nationalist foundation of the other party. Some disgruntled groups joined in the melee, just to raise up also about their concerns. Some pipeline antagonists also marked their point, and sacrifice themselves to walk from one state to the other, to show to the American people that the project is not at all good, but will only give problems on sanitations, contaminations, of the waters, and in conclusion, creatures will be affected and compromised. But the Trump and its allies, are not bothered; because they believe that the basis are all illogical and incredible. The pipeline will bring up the nation’s economy, increases the percentage of employment, and the manufacturing sector will enjoy the accesibility of gas to power their machinery in a cheaper price. Nafta on both bordering nations will be reviewed, and Trump wanted that items in the agreement for discussion should be both beneficial for both countries. Which for me, it would be a good deal.
North korea again made headlines by firing another ballistic missiles, but one again misfired and the other just floated in the air for 72 miles and dove down in the sea closer to the Japanese territorial water. North Korea’s Kim might have an hallucination of war, and his delusion would not be a healthy signs in the Asian Hemisphere. Most of the neighboring countries are shivering by the mentality of this leader. Some authors believe that this guy has a virally infected brain, and in his mind,nuclear war is just a game of soccer or football. He never realized the devastating impact like what happen to the two cities of Japan in world war II. He has the arsenal of Nuclear weapons, but I don’t believe it has the capability to melt down America. He might destroy Japan or the neighboring allies of USA, but for the mainland it would be barking the inviting full moon. America has the secret weapon, that no nations can predict the strength of it. Their technology is far more superior, and those weapons which is already in the market, are just tip of the iceberg. The American ballistic missiles once fired, the percentage of perfection is 99% and it will hit the mark with precisions. In Operation Desert Storm, their Abram tanks can run like an automoble,and hit the other opponent tanks with full zero target, turning the tanks into a powder of metals. Their stealth fighter is very accurate in every bombing missions. And their soldiers are handsome, strong and brave. Because of that, Koreans who have a heart of a woman, will be melt down and will run away like a dressed chickens.
Modesty aside, I could be joking about North Korea, but unfortunately, this nation can trigger an apocalypse, meaning a world wide domino of wars. China and Russia can be persuaded to side with the Koreans, if they are tempted to believe that their states are threatened. And this will be the most ugly consequence, and on that we should pray that it would not happen. Both have their arsenals, and their technology is also very reliable. They are very good in copying powerful weapons, and that is the very reason that they are spending lots of money for espionage. Whatever, formula they find out, they will work for it right away and produce their own. That is the worst thing; to repeat we pray that it will not happen.
Duterte of the Philippines is trying to play two cards, or some sort of a Sabas, that even you read it backward he remains to be a Sabas always. He played like a corporal, saluting the Generals of the Chinese navy that visited him in Davao City. He even invited the Chinese to have a Naval military exercise in the sulu sea with our own armada. Zoilo Golez a well known Navy expert on the Sea, criticized Duterte for proposing an idea, which is not constitutional, on the ground that Visiting Forces from any nations can have a joint exercise with our government, only if we have a treaty or an agreement ratified by the senate or congress. But he has his congress now full of domesticated crocs, the giant one is a well known alvautog, cohabitting two women, an immorality which Digong said, very moral because, both now are moro believers. Having so many women is for them, a macho and it is no longer an adultery or concubinage. Killing an innocent is applauded by Allah, by considering those innocents as infidel. These are the two people who are now our leaders in the Philippines.
A United Nation Rapporteur, was sent to the Philippines in a drug war forum. And her finding is that, the drug war is a failure. It increases the number of poor who were killed, and druglords and kingpins are still visiting in their own palace protected by the present leadership; some are mayor and generals. Manufacturers who are Chinese and was arrested by the Police were released with a certain amount of “cashabutan”. And they made a secret seclusion also in Manila Jail, and these are not blottered.If you want to be released then, pay the right price. Duterte and his group was not in good mood on this venue or forum, because the sins of the present leadership are devulged without fear. The Catholic Church are trying to cool the impact, by mellowing their criticism, but the people who are the real majority, could no longer be silent. They made rallies and wanted that Digong will step down. They said that his lying is no longer tolerable. He lied that drugs, crime, and the economy will be solved for three to six months but the outcome for his leadership are all down to the manure. Nonetheless, there are still lots of time for him to correct his wrongdoings. He can have an executive assistant on Psychiatry, the best psychiatrist in the Philippines probably, to aide him well in his governance. Maybe, his trust will no longer be a questionable fake news. Let us just pray for our country. Praise the lord.

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