Chemo Day. Good blood pressure.  Fatigue level – how about an 8 out of 10.  However please note that I had the last two days off from work and I NEVER EVEN GOT DRESSED.  SPENT TWO DAYS IN BED with the cat and dog as company.  One time I walked to the kitchen and the heart was racing and it exhausted me.  

Back to chemo.  Counts were low so I am not imaging this exhaustion, and they had to get ok to give me chemo which went okay.  Super nice nurse.  They all are so nice there.  Happy Nurse Week.  Still have cough but am pretty convinced that it and possibly some or maybe all of this exhaustion are due to blood pressure med.  One more week until I see my pcp and hopefully get this all straightened out and QUIT the COUGH.  That is my new cheer.  “QUIT THE COUGH.  QUIT THE COUGH.”

Got the On  Pro on the stomach again.  Plan on going to work tomorrow but will have to take it real easy and monitor it regularly all day.  Since it is Friday I certainly hope I won’t have any problems.  I don’t anticipate any but also have to lie down when it is working.   To anyone getting chemo who needs Neulasta I can highly recommend the On Pro if you can get it. 

This Watson thing is so new that many doctors know little to nothing about it.  My husband had doctor appointment with his pcp yesterday and he brought it up with his doctor who said he heard something about it but knew few details.  This could be an exciting new development and a huge help for oncologists.  I see mine in two weeks and will be anxious to hear what she has to say about the information I left for her about it.  Even if it can’t help me maybe it can help someone else. 

Chemo next Wednesday and after that I will be back on the regular schedule of Tuesdays.

Just noticed the date on this is May 12, 2017.  That is wrong.  I am writing this on Thursday, May 11.  Sorry but I don’t know how to change the date.  I will try to put the correct dates in the body of each blog if I remember.   Not too important for anybody reading this but it is important for me.

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