I will start off by saying that I am here because I am hoping this will help me discover myself. I want to know who I am, know my likes & dislikes, be confident in my being. I’ve spent my life being the listener, the shoulder to lean on. The quiet tag along. This can be MY place, where my opinions are flaunted and there is no hesitation of oh no should I say this or that?? Will that offend so&so?? See that’s just it, I want to break away from my daily anxiety’s. I’ve tried a few approaches to handle my depression, anti-depressants, therapists etc. I’ve recently been up all night wide awake unable to sleep, mind racing and racing. I’ll just lay there and starring up at the ceiling and feel a slow tear fall down the side of my face. I just want it to stop, I want a clear head and to live in the moment. I dont want to be caught up on past experiences anymore. I have to find away to break free! So after a little more digging around for help, I found some journaling tips to help with my situation. Its daunting because I dont have the best punctuation or grammar. Also I dont want to be boring! I hope others can find some type of comfort from my journal, if anything know that your not alone no matter what problem your facing. I am struggling with how I want to go about this organization wise.. Every post will be a little something different so stay tuned & let me know what you think.. GNJ 

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